I’ve Googled and I still can’t find the answer… help!

I remember, when young, that there was a rhyme that used to be said which involved using a piece of grass with ‘seed’ on it. You used to hold the grass and say the rhyme. It started with a tree in summer, and at one point you slid your fingers up the grass to remove the seeds so you had a bare tree (winter), and then you had a ‘bunch of flowers’ and finally you threw the seeds up in the air for ‘April showers’. But I can’t remember the whole rhyme, nor can I find it!! Was it just me and the girls in my school that did it?!?!

5 thoughts on “I’ve Googled and I still can’t find the answer… help!

  1. We just said –
    “[Hold up grass seed-head]
    Here’s a tree in Summer,
    [Strip seeds]
    Here’s a tree in Winter,
    [Throw away stalk, display seeds]
    Here’s a bunch of flowers,
    And here’s the April showers!”
    [Throw seeds in air]
    So you had pretty much all of it, unless there is a much longer version out there.

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