Depression and Unhappiness

Am I alone in thinking they’re different? I’m undoubtedly severely depressed at the moment, but I don’t think I’m particularly unhappy. But trying to explain that to someone yesterday was difficult.

5 thoughts on “Depression and Unhappiness

  1. ((Hugs)) from here too.

    I am with you on the distinction; I see and feel it. It is hard to explain I think… To me unhappiness may last a moment or so, depression sadly hangs around for much longer…and you may have better moments and worse moments, happy or sad moments, but still be depressed. Not sure if that makes much sense to be honest.

  2. Fortunate to have had not much experience of either but don’t they say that depression is when you are unhappy for no reason. And if you are unhappy for a reason you aren’t depressed?

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